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Whole Smoked Chicken

I wanted to share with everyone who follows me about my favorite way to cook a chicken, bar none; the glorious smoked chicken. I hope one day I learn how to manage an open flame smoker, but for now I am using a pellet smoker, which is very simple.

The first thing you want to do is spatchcock the whole chicken. Funny word, but a valuable technique. Spatchcocking is a word used for removing the full spine from the body. There are plenty of YouTube videos explaining this in more detail, but the idea is a faster and more even cook on the chicken. I have always felt it is better to use a very hot temperature for chicken rather than cooking it slow on a smoker. It seems to be much tastier and juicier.

I use hickory wood for all my smoking, but I'm not sure it matters that much, just use what you can find. I season my chicken starting with Redmons Real Salt, and then add whatever else. Normally I like to use a dry buffalo rub, homemade only, I need to make a recipe for that one day.

I smoke my chicken for about an hour and a half, or less if the internal breast temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Let it cool and then enjoy. Save the bones for a pasture raised bone broth. The benefits are unbelievable.

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